3D biomechanical assessments by GASP Lab and BULL3D

Use the latest and most innovative 3D motion capture systems to establish how you move and perform in your swing. Highlight where advancements and improvements can be made and locate problematic areas that may relate to pain/injury.


The Bull 3D system utilises a vast array of state-of-the-art sensors to capture each aspect of movement during every golfing action. Bull3D uses the latest and most innovative hardware able which is fully embedded into the Bull3D software which allows us to fully understand how a golfer moves, the forces they produces, ranges they move through and how all the body segments interact to produce the golf swing.


The GASP 3D forceplates give unprecedented information and accuracy as to how a player uses the ground. We measure data under each foot as well as the combined data from both feet. We combine this information, collected up to 1500HZ synchronized to high speed video, launch data and 3d body movement in GASP Lab 64 bit.

By integrating 3D motion capture, force plates and realtime club data, we can help increase distance, enhance swing performance, improve reliability and help avoid and reduce pain/injury.

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