Please fill in the contact form below to make an appointment for a custom Bettinardi putter fitting. We use Quintic Ball Roll for putter fitting in our Bettinardi Putting Studio. Our experts can advise in putter loft, lie, length, weight, head shape, hosel and firmness of the face by acceleration profiles. Custom engravings are available for certain finishes.

Our putters are available for retail prices. Price for custom fitting is €100,- vat included

Choose your model

queen b 14 putter

queen b 11 putter

queen b 6 putter

2022 bb1 putter

2022 bb1 flow putter

2022 bb8 wide putter

2022 bb28 spud putter

2022 bb28 center putter

2022 bb28 armlock putter

2022 bb46 putter

2022 bb1 left handed putter

2022 inovai 80 slant neck left handed putter

2022 inovai 80 armlock putter

2022 inovai 80 slant neck putter

2022 inovai 80 spud neck putter

2022 inovai 60 spud neck left handed putter

2022 innovai 60 center shaft putter

2022 innovai 60 slant neck putter

2022 Innovai 60 spud neck putter

studio stock 35 putter

studio stock 16 left handed putter

studio stock 16 putter

studio stock 14 putter

studio stock 9plumbers neck putter

studio stock 9 spud neck putter

Choose your shaft

tie dye pvd

uv purple pvd

stability tour black

stability tour polar

uv blue pvd

matte uv blue

oil rubbed bronze pvd

matte rose gold

matte black

gloss black pvd

standard chrome

matte chome

Headcover and grips

blue red lamkin grip

red blue lamkin grip

black lamkin grip

black grey lamkin grip

t hive black leather grip

t hive purple leather grip

t hive blue leather grip

t hive red leather grip

t hive green exotic grip

t hive red exotic grip

t hive black exotic grip

t hive yellow exotic grip

Also available are custom build HIVE/TOUR putters to your specs.

Please fill in the contact form to make an appointment or receive further information for this option. Bettinardi accessories are available for purchase in studio. Please make an appointment for visit.

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